The Institute For Addiction Study 

About the Institute for Addiction Study:

Challenge The Current Thinking About Addiction

We want to challenge current thinking about addiction in order to inform individuals, groups and families of the current controversies within addiction treatment so they can make informed decisions about recovery.

The Institute takes a broad and eclectic approach toward addiction and its treatment, but we believe that only through a synthesis of science with meaning, and medicine with spirituality will workable solutions to the problem of addiction present themselves.

Through scholarship, media production, community-based support and education, the Institute strives to provide clear advice and sound understanding regarding the disease of addiction.

Bring Hope, Peace and Understand To Those Suffering From Addiction

The Institute For Addiction Study is a center of learning and training where innovative strategies relating to addiction are developed and shared that foster the acceptance of addicts as full and valued members of society.

We present the latest information in addiction science in order to:

– Provide a conduit through which knowledge can flow from research to families and individuals in need.

– Create treatment that is effective, humane and seeks to return the addict to his or her full potential with dignity.

– Advocate for the welfare of addicts and promote policies that treat addiction as a disease and addicts as patients.

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